Mushroom Soup

Thick soup with variety of mushrooms including Shitake, Shimeji and Button Mushroom.

RM 13.00

Pumpkin Lemongrass Soup

Thick soup with local pumpkin and lemon grass fiber.

RM 13.00

Classic Tomato Soup

Blended thick soup with sweet basil & tomato served with toast & garnishing on top.

RM 13.00

French Onion Soup

Clear soup of homemade beef broth with freshly cut onion.

RM 13.00


Salmon Gravlax Salad

Garden greens tossed with house dressing & topped with chef’s cured salmon & garnishing condiments.

RM 32.00

Fruits and Berries Salad

Honeydew bowl filled with fresh fruits including orange, apple, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry with honey yogurt dressing.

RM 32.00

Smoked Duck Salad

Greens of romaine and iceberg lettuce mixed with cherry tomato topped with smoked duck breast with honey balsamic sauce dressing.

RM 28.00


Hachis Reginherus

Minced beef fused with mashed potato served with Viking’s Espanyol sauce.

RM 28.00

Half Shell Scallops

Three half shell scallop baked with cheese mornay.

RM 32.00

Torched Sliced Australian Wagyu

Five slices of torched cook Australian Grade 7 Wagyu.

RM 52.00

Tomato Chili Mussels

Mussels served in chilli tomato broth with soupçon of wine.
RM 28.00 (6pcs) /
RM 38.00 (12pcs)

Venus Clams

Scattered venus clams with soupçon of white wine.

RM 28.00

Our Specialty



RM 39.00 / 100g


RM 36.00 / 100g


RM 27.00 / 100g

Wagyu Grade 6/7

RM 68.00 / 100g

* Inclusive of one side dish and one vegetable


Curly Fries

Potato Wedges

Mashed Potato

Cheese Macaroni

Sweet Corn


Fresh Salad

Sauteed Vegetable

Purple Coleslaw


Mixed Mushroom


Sauce Chimichurri

RM 5.00

Beaurre Rouge

RM 5.00

Mornay Cheese

RM 5.00


RM 5.00

Dijon / English / Grain Mustard

RM 5.00

Himalaya Pink Salt & Truffle Salt

RM 5.00

Main Courses


Capers Cream Salmon

Pan seared Norwegian chilled salmon with lemon capers and cream sauce served with sidelines of fresh greens and mashed potato.

RM 42.00

Olive Crust Cod Fish

Served with crusted olive blend, mashed potato, fresh greens & red capsicum sauce.

RM 88.00

Grilled Chimichurri 'Udang Galah'

Served with garden greens, curly fries, potato wedges & ratatouille.

RM 98.00

Cheese Baked Live Boston Lobster (700-800Grams, Serving Size for 2)

Served with curly fries in truffle oil sour cream, fresh salad and sweet corn.

RM 268.00


Rack Of Lamb (Chilled Lamb)

Herb crusted rack of chilled lamb served with sauteed vege, mashed potato &homemade lamb jus.

RM 128.00


Big Prawn/Scallop Aglio Olio

Mild spicy clear spaghetti served with big prawn/scallop with a soupçon of White Chardonnay Wine.

RM 39.00

Smoked Duck Breast White Sauce Spaghetti

Spaghetti in carbonara sauce served with sliced smoked duck breast.

RM 32.00

Fla Diavolo

Mild spicy spaghetti in marinara sauce served with mussel, prawn and clams.

RM 32.00

Beef Meatball Red Sauce Spaghetti

Spaghetti in tomato sauce served with beef meatball.

RM 29.00


Wild Mushrooms Risotto

Viking’s style rice fused with shitake and button mushrooms with a soupçon of truffle oil.

RM 26.00

Pumpkin Risotto

Viking’s style rice fused with pumpkin and carrot.

RM 26.00



Chocolate Cake

Dark chocolate biscuit & strawberry cream


Vanilla Cake

With house made ice cream


House Made Ice Cream

With freah mint and strawberry jam


Fruit Salad

Strawberry, peach, kiwi & vanilla sauce


Our signature


Red House Wine


White House Wine


Craft Beer








Herbal Tee